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Silirub 2


Silirub 2 is a high-quality neutral, elastic one component joint sealant based on silicones.

- Very easy application
- Permanent colour, UV-resistant
- Stays elastic after curing
- Available in a wide range of colours
- Very good adhesion on many materials
- Low modulus
- Excellent acoustic properties (noise reduction)
- Building and construction joints
- Top sealing at glazing jobs
- Joints with high movement between different building materials
- Sealing between treated wood, metal, PVC profiles and glass
Directions for use
Type: all usual building surfaces
State of Surface: clean, dry, free of dust and grease
Preparation: for certain applications apply Primer 150 on porous surfaces
(see primer table) – no primer required for non porous surfaces.
Surface Activator should be used to enhance adhesion to non porous surfaces.
We recommend a preliminary compatibility test.
Do not use on natural stones like marble, granite,…(staining effect).
Use Silirub MA for these applications. Not recommended for use on PC and
PMMA because it can cause crazing (stress cracking) in these materials.

Use an alkoxy type instead on these materials.

Technical Norms/Conforms with:
- Belgium: ATG 1808 (NIT 107)
- Rapport IANESCO 3812-label alimentaire for applications in food surroundings
- Gemany: DIN 18540 Teil 2 – DIN 18545 Teil 2 Dichtstoffgruppe E
- United Kingdom: BS 5889 Type A
- USA: TTS 001543a Class A

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