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EverSeal Roof Repair Tape

Features & Benefits

Fumble-free EZ-Release Liner™ - There's no frustration trying to peel the liner from the adhesive
and nothing to slow down the repair.
Chemical & UV resistant - for maximum long-term performance.
Wide installation temperature range - Can be used year round.
Available in individual rolls or in master cartons - For easy handling and storage.
Primer-free - No messy or time-consuming primers to slow you down.
Professional Grade for Fast, Watertight Roof Repairs.
EverSeal is based on Advanced Synthetic Adhesive Polymer (ASAP) technology.  It's a non-butyl,
non-asphaltic repair tape that's tough, versatile, and compatible with more roofing materials, including:
Aged PVC
Modified Bitumen
Smooth BUR
And more!
MSDS73.88 KBDownload
Leaflet343.11 KBDownload
Installation Guide216.39 KBDownload
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EverSeal Roof Repair Tape